We launched Yala on TechCrunch and got a lot of traffic.

Here are the numbers 📈

This is the article Techcrunch published about Yala, our social media scheduling bot. We opted for a “soft” launch, which effectively meant that the article was the only source of traffic for Yala for several days after it went live (more on this in a separate article). That puts us in a unique position where we can highlight the traffic a major tech blog like TechCrunch generates without losing the signal in all the noise of a typical launch.

I won’t get into the process of submitting the story to the publication. Suffice to say, Sarah managed to put together a fantastic post in all of 10 minutes. Seriously, she wrote it way faster than I expected. Woah.

See that big spike? That’s the TechCrunch article. It stands out because it’s literally the first time we made the website available to the public, and also because it’s, well, TechCrunch.

In total, Google Analytics registered 2,450 sessions. Of those, TechCrunch referred 724, or 29%.

Where’d all the rest come from?

First, some fantastic blogs picked up the article after TechCrunch posted it.



These blogs generated another 660 or so sessions, or roughly 27% of total traffic. Thanks guys! 🙌

Facebook and Twitter shares also generated significant traffic. TechCrunch kindly shared the post on their Twitter and Facebook feeds, which have significant followings. The post on Facebook was shared 51 times, and the tweet was retweeted 40 times. Other than direct shares of TechCrunch’s posts, the article was tweeted roughly 100 times.

In total, social was responsible for 68% of all traffic. The rest were split between direct acquisition (20%), organic search (8%) and small referalls (4%).

How do 2,500 sessions translate into actual app installations? Well, 293 Slack teams installed Yala in the first week after the TC article, and growth is still strong. This means that 1 in every 7.5 users that landed on the website went on to use Yala. Since it’s a relatively niche tool, aimed at small businesses using Slack, I’m very satisfied with this result.

I’m also really happy about the diversity of teams that are using Yala: from big, fancy companies to small startups to tiny design studios. TechCrunch provided a fantastic first exposure opportunity, because seeing such a wide array of people and businesses using Yala helps us validate its proposition.

Stay tuned for more updates from our soft launch in the upcoming weeks!

Join 643 businesses using Yala to schedule social media posts from Slack. We’ve really put our hearts into it, and we think it’s pretty good. To get started, head on over to www.yalabot.com.

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