Frequently Asked Questions

Aloha, friend! Thank you for your interest in Yala. Below, you can find answers for some common Yala-related questions. If your question isn’t listed here, feel free to reach out and I’d be more than happy to answer:

Q: What is Yala?

Yala is a social media scheduling robot. She lets you post to multiple accounts with the click of a button, plan ahead with great content and publish your posts only when your fans and followers are online to see them.

Q: What does she do?

Yala has some neat tricks up her robo-sleeves. First of all, she can juggle as many accounts as you’d like, so you have a central place to manage you business’ Facebook page, your own Twitter profile and your grandma’s Facebook timeline. She enables your entire team to collaborate on social media content within Slack. She automatically formats your post to look good on social, and cleverly splits long posts into short tweets. She’s readily available on every device you use, so you can snap a photo with your phone and add some text on your laptop. Finally, Yala uses machine learning to publish your posts exactly when your audience is online, in order to maximize your engagement rates.

Q: Who is she for?

  • Individuals who have an audience in a different timezone can use Yala to ensure their audience is online when they post.
  • Small businesses that run and manage several social media accounts can use Yala to effectively publish to several accounts and increase their engagement.
  • Startups who collaborate and work on Slack can use Yala to enjoy more social media shares and enable the entire team to compose posts.

Q: How does this fancy scheduling thing work?

Ooo! Fantastic question! The short answer is, it looks at all your previous engagements to determine which fans are most likely to share your content and publishes your posts when it believes those fans are online. For the long answer, check out this post.

Q: Which social networks does Yala support?

Yala supports publishing to Twitter and Facebook. LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are coming soon.

Q: Can I use Yala if I don’t use Slack?

Yala is only available for Slack at the moment, but we’re working hard on a Facebook messenger version. Stay tuned!

Q: How do I publish an image?

Simply drag-and-drop or copy-paste your image into the Yala chat window — she’ll take care of the rest. You can do the same with a GIF, but it’ll only work on Twitter (to post a GIF to Facebook, simply send Yala a link).

Q: How do I manage my accounts?

Easy! Just say hi, click the “More…” button, and then click the “Accounts” button. To add new accounts, say “add facebook” or “add twitter”.

Q: How do I get started with Yala?

Head on over to and click the “add to Slack” button.

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