Everpix’s Treasure Trove

Dead men tell no tales?

Everpix was a photo storage service, founded in 2011 by two brilliant french entrepreneurs, Kevin Quennesson & Pierre-Olivier Latour. The service offered customers cheap and easy photo storage across every device, allowing unlimited storage space and ease of access to old photos. It had a simple, well implemented idea, $1.8M in funding, a 50,000 user base and the perfect team for the job. It folded roughly four months ago.

I will not go into details regarding the death of Everpix. The subject has been covered in length on The Verge and TechCrunch. What interests me is the lesson any starting entrepreneur can learn from Everpix’s story, or rather, HOW he or she may learn it. Because Everpix intentionally left behind an invaluable treasure. They call it Everpix-Intelligence.

Everpix-Intelligence is a github repository containing a whole shitload of data Everpix collected. This includes server data, financial details, investor reports, pitch presentations and much, much more.

Everpix is a bit of a mystery. The fact is, no one can explain exactly what put investors away from Everpix, why it couldn’t monetize properly, why it couldn’t become profitable in time. Everything seems to be perfectly aligned: the timing, the execution, the public reception. The death blow is just an elusive clue, a hint, and it must be hiding in the data.

And good luck finding it. Everything has been executed beautifully — the pitches are done exactly right, the numbers rise exponentially, the servers filled up with 400 millions photos. It’s magnificent.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can probably appreciate the value of Everpix-Intelligence. That Everpix was a well-executed startup is only part of the picture — The most interesting lesson to be learned is why it failed. Hey, give it a shot — just make sure you have a few hours to spare before clicking the following link.